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Our Firm

We place an emphasis on quality of service. As a condition of our registration with Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (“PCAOB”), registration with Canadian Public Accountability Board (“CPAB”) and membership in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (“AICPA”), we participate in a rigorous quality control program, which includes peer reviews of our auditing practice. This ensures our compliance with the highest of professional standards and our commitment to maintaining the highest continuing professional education standards. We meet or exceed all of the professional education standards required by federal and state agencies.

What makes us unique are the personal attention, commitment and energy we bring to each client relationship. Each client is assigned a team that includes a shareholder that is actively engaged to ensure that the client’s planning and execution are designed specifically to meet their accounting and financial needs and goals. Our shareholders have experience in both public accounting and private industry. This enables us to closely identify with the financial executives we serve.

One of our shareholders, Jeff Houston, is a member of the Texas Society of CPAs’ Professional Standards Committee. The primary objective of the committee is to respond to exposure drafts of the FASB, SEC, AICPA, GASB, PCAOB and any other accounting and auditing standard-setting body that has an impact on the practice of accountancy in Texas. The Professional Standards Committee is responsible for all phases of the response process including identifying exposure drafts that warrant a response, assigning responsibility for reviewing exposure drafts, developing draft responses and approving the final letters to standard-setting bodies.

Technology Tools

Our firm utilizes technology systems and tools that are robust, enabling, and easy to use. These tools help:

  • Support consistent implementation of the audit methodology; 
  • Drive enhanced audit quality; 
  • Enable efficient completion of audits; and 
  • Implement important risk management controls designed to protect auditor independence and avoid conflicts.

Technology is used to leverage knowledge, provide electronic workspace, and to assist and support our professionals using our audit methodology. The Accounting Research Manager tool provides our professionals with quick access to authoritative literature they need on the job.

Significant investments in technology continue to be made as we strive to provide exceptional audit quality.

Small Firm Feel, Big Firm Experience

GBH’s small-firm feel is just the beginning of what you’ll love.

We pledge to provide consistent and open communication while working directly with you to fully understand your concerns, viewpoints, and goals prior to beginning the assurance process. This thorough approach means we are aware of what is important to you and guarantee to deliver unsurpassed efforts and insight so there are no missed expectations or surprises upon completion.

Additionally, we have established numerous relationships across many markets which affords us the opportunity to provide direct introductions to potential financing sources, key professionals, as well as other industry executives who can help you meet your corporate objectives.

The Kreston Edge

When it comes to international commerce and other global business transactions, GBH stands out. We take pride in our association with Kreston — the world’s 13th largest accounting network. Our affiliation with Kreston’s autonomous and independent accountancy firms allows us to easily and efficiently serve international clients in Europe, Africa, Near East, South East Asia/Pacific, South America, Mexico, and Canada.

You can breathe easy knowing that you’re receiving practical advice from seasoned professionals who have been in your shoes and have a comprehensive understanding of your niche, no matter the geographical scope.

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