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A Day In The Life

Unlike Big 4 accounting firms, GBH offers every employee — from the intern, to the career freshman, and the seniors – a real opportunity for career advancement and growth. Every member of our team is valued and eligible for accelerated advancement in their chosen practice.

Our firm invests in training our people. We provide the skills in a structured planned environment to give everyone the opportunity to take on challenges, build a well-rounded skill set and improve their supervisory and management capabilities.

How You Grow With Us

We offer large firm experience with the small firm atmosphere. We provide our staff with exposure to entrepreneurial clients with complex issues backed by superior structured training and supervision to meet highly accelerated career growth. As a smaller firm, we are able to more effectively provide the real-time personal mentoring for career development compared to a more rigid, non-personal structure for career advancement of some of the larger firms. While we offer a fast-track pace for promotion internally, the experience our staff receive is acknowledged by our clients and in industry making their experience extremely marketable.

How We Do It

  • Comprehensive framework for planning your career and mentoring you throughout your career
  • Our commitment to your professional growth with a structured technical milestone learning system including classroom, on-the-job, and self-directed learning opportunities
  • Leadership training and opportunities through our Five Star Program
  • Progressive responsibility and autonomy throughout your career
  • “Stretch” assignments to advance your capabilities
  • An entrepreneurial and diverse client base
  • Industry and technical diversity
  • Ability to direct your individual advancement through your chosen industry expertise
  • Continuing professional education support
  • National and global assignments with minimal travel requirements

Our People Are Our Culture

Our belief is that our greatest assets pack up and leave the office every day. We nurture and build our people as the most important assets of the firm.

Our culture is driven around creating mutual success. We encourage our people to stretch their capabilities even if it results in some mistakes. We believe that is how you learn. Our firm’s culture is very fast paced and team oriented. We work hard and have a lot of fun. Our client service culture means we deliver for our clients, but we also value and live a balanced work/play atmosphere. We compete, but we win as a team. We actively participate in our community.

A Team, A Community, A Family

We enjoy our work and we relish the opportunities our firm provides all of us to be a part of our community and making that community better. Some of our best memories and experiences at GBH have come from giving back as a firm and as individuals. We all have something to contribute whether it’s our resources or our time or a combination of both. Our employees drive most of the community activities we participate in and challenge everyone to make it a fun and rewarding experience. Ways to be part of the GBH team are to:

Ways to be part of the GBH team are to:

  • Build camaraderie among all members of GBH with frequent events and good-natured competitive outings
  • Relax in our recreation break room between busy assignments with team members over a game of pool or darts
  • Participate in the many community activities we are involved in for fun and community service

We Welcome Industry Newcomers

Our newcomers get the benefit of a week-long initial training course that provides the basics to prepare them for their first assignments. That course trains them in specific technical skills that they have touched on in their college programs, but provides real world applications of the knowledge that they have learned in school. It also trains them in the firm’s procedures and software, so they are armed with knowledge on their first engagement and can approach their new work with confidence.

We Welcome Interns

As an intern with GBH, you will have a window into your future career with us. You will:

  • Attend technical training and development programs built to arm you with the tools needed to immediately contribute to your clients and the engagement team
  • Participate on real engagements as part of the engagement team
  • Work across numerous industries
  • Work directly with a variety of privately held and publicly traded clients across all stages of development – from start-ups and family-run businesses to multinational corporations
  • Demonstrate your ambition, performance, and potential

A Stable Career

We believe stability is comprised of two very different components: firm stability and career stability. Firm stability is the conservative way we manage the firm to ensure that our people are challenged every day and presented new opportunities every day with the right balance of work. We do not hire excessive staff and create turnover like many firms. We invest and keep our people.

Career stability represents the marketable skills you develop here. We build skills that make you more marketable to the firm. Those same skills make you more marketable to the rest of the world. We believe in building resumes. In today’s professional environment, the reality is that people make career moves for a variety of reasons. However, as they make career moves they need to know that move will advance their resume. Our people are in high demand internally and in the market. As long as you are building your resume, you are creating career stability.

Benefits of a Career at GBH

Our first career goal for you is to connect your success with the proven success of the firm. We know you are seeking a place you can be challenged and grow professionally with a group of people that help you achieve that goal. Our mission is to provide you a career value proposition based on increasing your abilities and your opportunities in a supportive environment.

We offer outstanding rewards and benefits consistent with the philosophy of a firm that values its greatest assets, its people. Our comprehensive benefits to our employees match or exceed most of our competitors. Our benefit packages are designed to fit the needs our employees have asked for and valued the most.

  • Salary benefits
  • Competitive salaries 
  • Semi-annual performance bonuses
  • Marketing bonus eligibility
  • Generous employee referral bonus
  • Industry leading paid time off (PTO) policy
  • Financial planning benefits
  • Retirement savings plan/401(K) plan with employer safe-harbor matching
  • Profit sharing plan
  • Firm provided life insurance 
  • Short-term and long-term disability insurance 
  • Health and wellness
  • Employer sponsored medical plans with options focused on your needs and the needs of your family
  • Dental plan
  • Vision plan
  • Eligibility within 30 days
  • Flexible spending accounts for pre-tax savings 
  • Confidential employee assistance program 
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