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Financial Due Diligence

Whether you need to analyze your target’s quality of earnings, assess the adequacy of accounting policies, or identify key concentrations of risk, GBH has the capacity to tackle every aspect of due diligence functions. In the complex world of financial transactions—fraught with accounting, tax, regulatory, and culture issues—due diligence is an essential function in order to assess and minimize risks as well as maximize your return.

Industry Executive Experience Where It Matters

Our executive-level industry experience across numerous industries such as energy, technology, manufacturing and healthcare allows us to evaluate an organization’s financial forecast, perform buy-side and sell-side examinations, and calculate working capital changes/capital expenditures, etc. Our due diligence services focus on following the most critical transactional elements:

  • Measuring quality of earnings
  • Verifying the existence of assets
  • Identifying hidden costs and contingencies that could result in an excess purchase price
  • Categorizing and quantifying tax exposure
  • Evaluate internal controls and risk management
  • Determining deal-specific risks and opportunity costs

Our open style of communication makes us the ideal candidate to work closely with both executive management and outside professionals to bring you a tailored, comprehensive due diligence review. Let our experts utilize their broad operating, transactional accounting and tax-related expertise to help you identify potential deal breakers, key value drivers and other specific areas of interest to you.

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