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Global Accounting Services

Does your accounting firm speak your language?

With more and more businesses expanding their operations across the globe, the business and tax implications of multinational trade and commerce have become increasingly complex. GBH has the global reach to serve you with clients on virtually every continent. Internationally expanding companies encounter numerous issues that require experience from people who have, “been there and done that” including:

  • Complex tax implications of cross-border transactions and operating in international jurisdictions;
  • Varying financial reporting requirements in different jurisdictions;
  • Language issues; and
  • Diverse business practices.

Local Accounting Firm, Global Solutions

At GBH, we understand how specific facets of your global business are impacted by these issues, as well as how the business decisions you make as a result of these issues influence the current and future success of your operations. It’s just another reason to choose an accounting firm that can advise across multiple jurisdictions, coordinate with professionals worldwide, and help solve multinational operational issues.

GBH provides assurance, tax, and advisory services that allow you to pursue the most cost-effective decisions and solutions for your business. We explore the most efficient methods of planning in order to ensure alignment with your organization’s risk tolerance, business plan, and cultural environment as well as revenue goals.

We advise on a full range of global matters such as:

  • Business structure
  • Multi-national financial reporting
  • Business taxes
  • Research and development tax incentives
  • Multinational private company services

GBH is a member of Kreston International Limited, an international affiliation of accounting firms with 186 firms in 108 countries. Our membership with Kreston enables us to solve problems in almost any country in which you can do business.

The Kreston Edge

When it comes to international commerce and other global business transactions, GBH stands out. We take pride in our association with Kreston — the world’s 13th largest accounting network. Our affiliation with Kreston’s autonomous and independent accountancy firms allows us to easily and efficiently serve international clients in Europe, Africa, Near East, South East Asia/Pacific, South America, Mexico, and Canada.

You can breathe easy knowing that you’re receiving practical advice from seasoned professionals who have been in your shoes and have a comprehensive understanding of your niche, no matter the geographical scope.

Small Firm Feel, Big Firm Experience

GBH’s small-firm feel is just the beginning of what you’ll love.

We pledge to provide consistent and open communication while working directly with you to fully understand your concerns, viewpoints, and goals prior to beginning the assurance process. This thorough approach means we are aware of what is important to you and guarantee to deliver unsurpassed efforts and insight so there are no missed expectations or surprises upon completion.

Additionally, we have established numerous relationships across many markets which affords us the opportunity to provide direct introductions to potential financing sources, key professionals, as well as other industry executives who can help you meet your corporate objectives.

Contact GBH today to learn what our global tax specialists can do for your business’ success.

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