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Industry Focus

In an increasingly complex business world, making generalized financial decisions no longer passes muster. You must have a firm handle on how accounting principles and challenges will impact your organization’s specific needs. Our team members often are recognized by peers and leaders in their industries and understand the complexities of your specialized field. We’ll bring our profound insight to help you surpass your organization’s challenges with flying colors.

Executive Accounting Experience Straight From Your Industry

This need for specialized information is the primary reason GBH has built a dedicated team of accounting professionals with real life, executive-level experience in areas such as manufacturing, biotechnology, oil and gas, mining, real estate, distribution, and global markets. Our people have been on both sides of the accounting and tax table, in both public accounting and industry roles. We realize that in order to make well-informed decisions, you need strategic and practical perspectives—from someone who understands your industry inside and out.

Oil & Gas Accounting

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry not only has large, upfront capital requirements, but it also faces the challenges of particularly complex regulatory and tax standards.

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Mining Accounting


With the large capital and environmental risks that rest heavily on the mining industry, it’s imperative to partner with an accounting firm that understands

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Real Estate Accounting

Real Estate

Real estate is a unique niche—one that is commonly more complex than your typical product or service industries. The tax liability for real estate can greatly vary.

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Manufacturing Accounting


It’s vital that you adapt and learn to accommodate the new demands of the industry in order to succeed and stand out as a competitor with which to be reckoned. 

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Technology Accounting


This market typically has long development cycles, and an environment highly susceptible to piracy, your technology business requires industry-specific knowledge and expertise.

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Biiotech Accounting


Producing sufficient capital is one of many challenges specific to the biotechnology industry. This endless endeavor produces a slew of complex regulations with which biotech executives must contend.

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Distribution Accounting


With highly complex challenges like outdated logistic networks, antiquated technology, and more the result can be high operating costs and reduced efficiency for your distribution business.

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Service Industry Accounting


In the highly competitive service industry, there’s a direct need to “trim the fat” by finding streamlined ways to manage your costs, increase productivity, and improve overall revenue.

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Trusts & Estates Accounting

Trusts & Estates

Trusts and estates can quickly escalate in complexity. Without the entire picture taken into account, you can incur huge tax implications that eat away at your hard-earned assets.

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