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In an ever-changing market with long development cycles, new products that quickly become obsolete, and an environment highly susceptible to piracy, your technology business requires industry-specific knowledge and expertise. If your accounting firm doesn’t have a clear understanding of the unpredictable world of technology, you’re fighting an uphill battle. You need professionals who can tailor services to address the exclusive needs of your sector—using time-tested processes and strategic solutions that will give your company the competitive edge within your marketplace.

GBH has the exceptional combination of technology experience and sound business understanding.

Your Partner In Success

We realize it is absolutely critical that you have a trusted partner to assist you with every phase of business: from emerging growth through full maturity. We’ll help you understand how changes in accounting practices and tax law will affect your role within the industry.

We assist you in tackling revenue recognition for licensing, selling, leasing, and marketing software—in order to keep up with the demands of your ever-changing business. Not only do we help you prepare for industry fluctuations, but we aid you in overcoming constraints and show you how to thrive in the face of economic obstacles.

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