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Taxes affect nearly every facet of your business—whether devising the best strategy to keep more of your hard-earned revenues in your pocket; considering a business exit strategy, merger or acquisition; or planning the succession of your business for the next generation. Every year, the economy becomes more complicated, and Congress continues to pass complicated new regulations requiring expertise to navigate through.

Your individual tax strategy is integral to your overall business tax strategy as well. Your tax advisor needs to understand your individual tax needs and how they affect your business decisions whether it’s individual tax planning for your next tax filing or estate planning for the future so you employ the right strategy over the course of many years.

Navigate Complex Tax Laws With Our Seasoned Accountants

GBH has a passionate team of tax professionals with decades of experience across a wide range of industries. Through in-depth research and our insights into our clients, we work to achieve the most cost-effective and compliant way for you to achieve your goals.

With vast experience solving complex tax issues, we’re proud of our reputation—amassing a lengthy list of accolades from clients, law firms, and bankers in our community. We’ve provided thousands of clients, just like you, with expert advice on a wide array of tax and compliance subjects from local property tax renditions to international tax compliance:

  • Corporate and partnership tax implications and benefits
  • International tax assistance with U.S. tax laws
  • State and local tax compliance
  • Federal, state, and local tax planning
  • IRS representation
  • Tax impact assessment and modeling
  • Personal property tax assessments

Our tax accounting services include the following:

The Kreston Edge

When it comes to international commerce and other global business transactions, GBH stands out. We take pride in our association with Kreston — the world’s 13th largest accounting network. Our affiliation with Kreston’s autonomous and independent accountancy firms allows us to easily and efficiently serve international clients in Europe, Africa, Near East, South East Asia/Pacific, South America, Mexico, and Canada.

You can breathe easy knowing that you’re receiving practical advice from seasoned professionals who have been in your shoes and have a comprehensive understanding of your niche, no matter the geographical scope.

Small Firm Feel, Big Firm Experience

GBH’s small-firm feel is just the beginning of what you’ll love.

We pledge to provide consistent and open communication while working directly with you to fully understand your concerns, viewpoints, and goals prior to beginning the assurance process. This thorough approach means we are aware of what is important to you and guarantee to deliver unsurpassed efforts and insight so there are no missed expectations or surprises upon completion.

Additionally, we have established numerous relationships across many markets which affords us the opportunity to provide direct introductions to potential financing sources, key professionals, as well as other industry executives who can help you meet your corporate objectives.

Start making more informed and educated tax decisions for the future of your company. Partner with GBH today and let us show you how to reduce your tax liability, increase profits, and maximize the value of your business.

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