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Estate Planning

You’ve worked hard to build wealth for you and your family. That’s why creating a strategy to protect it and provide a legacy for future generations is so important. Without a carefully constructed estate plan, much of your wealth could end up in the hands of the state or spent on high tax bills.

Smart Planning For Your Hard Earned Assets

From creating a will that honors your wishes, to consolidating your retirement assets, to avoiding probate, GBH works directly with you to discover how you, specifically, want your wealth re-purposed. Then, we map out the most efficient tax plans—ones aimed to keep the largest amount of assets in your pocket.

We’ll show you ways to decrease or eliminate estate taxes through gifting strategies, help you determine the best sources for drawing your retirement income (as many have drastically different tax consequences), and guide you through reporting for charitable giving plans or trusts. We’ve helped thousands of clients gain peace of mind that their loved ones won’t be burdened with additional stress when settling their estate.

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