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International Tax

When you engage our dedicated international tax team, we partner with key members of your organization to help create a targeted tax strategy to fulfill all of your international tax initiatives. You’ll not only have a plan that is structured around your specific industry and culture, but you’ll gain the insight needed to make more informed tax decisions for your company’s future. GBH partners with Kreston International Limited, an international affiliation of accounting firms with 186 firms in 108 countries, to be able to solve problems in almost any country in which you can do business.

Outbound Tax Issues

Today’s corporations face many tax challenges concerning local regulations in the respective countries they conduct business with. While complex issues and multinational red tape can create confusion for inexperienced tax firms, GBH’s high-quality international specialists simplify the complexities of international tax processes by breaking down barriers and creating an efficient management process.

We offer international tax accounting services in:

  • Inbound international tax compliance
  • Strategic review
  • International mergers and acquisition issues
  • U.S. tax requirements for foreign investors
  • International tax planning

We analyze internal and external risk factors, create a structured solution, and utilize the latest technology for faster results.

Our tax professionals can help answer questions like:

  • Is the organization/transaction structured properly to achieve the most beneficial treatment in each tax jurisdiction?
  • What tax consequences will a specific decision produce?
  • How will a merger affect our revenue and tax liability?
  • Are there any proposed international regulatory changes that could affect our tax burden?
  • How can we track our taxation in a more efficient manner?

Inbound Tax Issues

Businesses outside the U.S. that wish to do business in the U.S. face a myriad of different taxes and regulations. GBH professionals can guide foreign entities in building the team of professionals necessary for a successful entry into the U.S. market.

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