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R&D Credits

If you’re a business operating in the international economy, there are many significant research and development (R&D) tax incentives available. The most well-known being federal, state, and global state tax credits for product development. However, there are many tax incentives that companies don’t even realize are available for operational improvements such as: environmental advances, creating new manufacturing methods, as well as enhancing quality and efficiency of processes.

With two existing methods of calculating R&D tax credits—the traditional incremental research credit and the alternative simplified credit—it’s difficult for most companies to dedicate the man-hours needed to discover and maximize each available credit.

Navigate Complex R&D Regulations

In addition, R&D tax incentive rules and guidelines are constantly changing. This complex and ever-changing landscape is the exact reason why you need a team of dedicated tax professionals on your side, one that can devote its knowledge and resources to identify and claim every R&D tax incentive available to you.

GBH has the tools and technology needed to support the gathering of information and documentation process in a highly organized, efficient way. This allows you to focus on what you do best, while gaining valuable tax incentives that might have been otherwise overlooked.

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