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Succession Planning

Whether your business is a family-owned organization or a private venture, we understand that transitioning ownership can be a complex and often emotionally charged event. After all, you’ve invested years of time and toil building it to its current level. So as you look to continuing the future success of your business, you need a guiding hand to help you navigate the complex succession issues and create a plan that will result in a good “fit” for continued accomplishments.

An Approach Tailored To Meet Your Needs

GBH thoroughly reviews factors such as business valuation, tax strategies, family strategies and financing strategies to reach your goal of the best after-tax value for you and your family. Our team can help you analyze and assess critical issues, provide detailed recommendations, assist you during the succession plan implementation, and help with periodic evaluations of the plan to ensure that it’s on track.

The personalized approach we offer is just one of many reasons why we’ve built so many lasting relationships spanning across numerous industries.

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