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Millions of transactions produced by organizations each year can greatly impact its financial success—both positively and negatively. In order to learn what effect each transaction has on the overall success or failure of business, it’s essential to conduct a comprehensive review.

Whether it’s your first year as a sole proprietor…or you’ve already established a lengthy track-record as a Fortune 500 company, the goal remains the same: Ensure that your financial statements are represented fairly—with no material misstatements—and that they comply with GAAP standards.

Take Your Accounting One Step Further

GBH goes one step further than just conducting transactional audits. We analyze the measurable effect your company’s assets, liabilities, expenses, revenue, gains, losses, dividends paid have on your profitability. We review each transaction to determine precisely how it impacts your financial statements in order to justly represent the health and strength of your company.

If you’ve heard of the adage “garbage in, garbage out,” then you know the importance of analyzing the production of financial statements to ensure that entered data is correctly based on the changes each transaction can facilitate. Numbers and results should be measured as a means of identifying results. It’s these metrics that enable you to set priorities, measure performance, and reevaluate numbers each year in order to determine the best way to drive your organization forward.

Our transactional experience includes:

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